=== Mariomorgan.com ===

Update: Version 2.0
Project Start Date: 14.09.18
Project Completion: 16.09.18
Setup-Cost: $0.00

=== Description ===

A simplified version of Mariomorgan.com v1.0 which focused on my services as an Art Director, v2.0 is focused on including all the projects I currently work on with simplicity, user experience and data visualization in mind.

Photography, Art & Video will be moved to Brand CaptainxMario. Art Direction, design, and consultancy will be moved to Lumiere. Introduction of StudioLumiere.tv and re-introduction of projects Antimatter and I love Local.

=== Features ===

+ Homepage – Featuring project database, blog, contact & social links.
+ Blog – Project notes and updates.
+ Ava – Chat Bot

=== Theme ===

Audioman Version: 1.0.2 By Catch Themes
WordPress – Open Source Content Managment

=== Video Background Credit ===

Light Illuminating Blue Glitter Particles

=== Ava Extra Info ===

+ My-Chatbot plugin, developed by Daniel Powney
+ Dialog flow – Used to build natural communication experiences with Ai.
+ Website v2 limited to text-based conversations.
+ Conversations based on the introduction to projects, Mr. Morgan and other frequently asked questions.
+ Google Machine Learning
+ Custom CSS

=== Known Bugs ===

– Drawer open at startup should be closed.
(Custom CSS in customizer panel, and custom code in chatbot-overlay.php file)

=== Possible Functionality ===

Is it possible to play sound on drawer open and close? …

Another option – https://sridharkatakam.com/play-sound-hoverclick-element-wordpress/