=== Symbol Meaning ===

“I Remember a time when we worshipped the Sun, the Stars and the Moon.”

=== Symbol Definition ===

A time before material, when the line between knowing and thinking was clear. Free from mental slavery and the bounds of society. The symbol marks a balance of understanding between negative and positive, knowing that both have to exist in symphonic harmony.

=== Symbology Breakdown===

+ Sun – Energy, Birth, Light
+ Stars – Wisdom, Guidance, Depth
+ Moon – Balance, Death, Darkness
+ Circle – Symbian, Flow, Sustainability

=== Side Note ===

This symbol is free from the constraints of religion, politics and/or undertones similar to relating to secret societies, devil worship, cults or human narcissism. The symbolic meaning is the exact opposite, promoting a transparent, open-minded, open source, balanced lifestyle in harmony with the universe and all things in it.

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